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Hi, I am Steve Shogren!

I am a developer and manager who has met needs in the financial, education, and publishing industries. I grow self-organizing teams and empower them to achieve tremendous business value.

My Philosophy


Self-Organizing Teams

When carefully mentored, a self-organizing team accomplishes the most business value.

Servant Leadership

Empowering and trusting your team increases intrinsic motivation, engagement, and productivity.

Measurable Business Value

Tracking business goals ensures the highest value work is accomplished first.

Growth Mindset

Everyone and everything can be improved. Nothing is sacred.

Deliberate Software

Disciplined practice prevents common mistakes.

Sharpest Tools

Allowing teams to choose the best tools produces the most value.


Pair Programming

No other practice improves the whole team like pair programming. Prevents skill gaps and knowledge silos.

Automated Testing

REPL-driven development, unit testing, and test-driven development enable rapid crafting of high-quality systems.

Continuous Integration

Scaling your team is only possible with accountability, and CI is an excellent way to ensure accountability.

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