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Why Lisp

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I have been playing around with lisp off and on for some time now. I started out in Emacs Lisp, making Emacs play as nice (nicer in some ways) as any available php ide, but then dropped off after discovering PhpStorm from JetBrains. When I heard about Land of Lisp, I was intrigued and picked up a copy to work through over Christmas, got a few chapters in, but as Christmas tends to go for me, I spent much of the time playing board games with the family.

And through it all, I never had even the slightest inkling of why everyone says you should learn lisp. These guys too.

What is the deal? Surely, I am using it wrong. Everyone who learns it raves, and yet after using it off and on for several years, all I see is just another language, with a steeper learning curve from the non-C, non-VB syntax.

Then, last week, this article came across my browser.

I read just the first quarter, and there was a riot in my brain.

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